J E Wilds & The New Huntech Expedition Range

We don’t have bears in New Zealand, but we do have weather, and exposure is one of the primary dangers faced by hunters in the alpine climate. This means that we rely heavily on gear that can withstand the harshest conditions and perform at the highest level; and that's precisely what the Huntech Expedition Range is all about.

Back in 2022 I decided to partner with Huntech as my apparel sponsor. Working with good people is incredibly important to me, and part of what won me over was the new direction Huntech was going, their commitment to hyper-specialise on hunting apparel, rather than to branch off into lifestyle or workwear, and the fact that they would be giving me a seat at the table to bring my ideas into the oldest hunting apparel brand in New Zealand.

As a hunting guide, content creator, and a Huntech Brand Ambassador, I am thrilled to introduce the Huntech Expedition Range, a series of items designed to match the lightweight functionality of European back-country ski gear, while also rivalling the high end performance you’d find from premium North American hunting brands. But what makes it truly special is the collaborative spirit that brought it to life.


Huntech didn't design these garments in a vacuum, instead, they turned to the very hunters who rely on their gear, and a core group was assembled to provide feedback at every stage of the design process. From the initial conception, to rigorous testing in the varied climates and conditions that New Zealand offers, the goal was to create gear that hunters truly need and want.

The outcome of this collaboration (I feel) will really mark a new chapter in the Huntech story. The Expedition Range represents a new benchmark in NZ hunting apparel, and we couldn't be prouder to present the first round to the Hunting & Fishing audience:

Men’s Scoria Full Zip Hoodie:

This is a versatile mid layer that I was rarely without. This ended up being my go-to when I needed some extra warmth while glassing. Huntech has made a number of key hunting improvements as well, such as interior camo printing on the hood and the removal of black fabric.


Men’s Merino Long Sleeve 1/4 Zip Hoodie:

Huntech Merino 1/4 Zip Hoodie

This is one of my absolute favourite pieces. I wore this for 30 days straight in testing, and it almost never left my back.


Men’s Tutoko Jacket:

A meticulously designed alternative to the European ski jackets, but without the price tag that comes with importing from Europe!


Men’s Scout Pants:

Huntech Men's Scout Pants

Trust me, after wearing these in the mountains, you’ll never go without knee pads again. These are a premium 3-season hunting pant made of high-tech stretch fabric, and reinforced with toughness in all the right areas.


Men’s Tussock V2 Pants:

Huntech Men's Tussock Pants V2

The Tussock Pants were a big part of what brought me on board to Huntech, and these have taken the original Tussocks Pants to a whole new level. I’d never go above the snowline without them.


Men’s Tussock Jacket:

Huntech Men's Tussock Jacket

The same material as the Tussock Pants, but incorporated into the heavyweight jacket, one of the best-selling pieces of Huntech gear in the country.


Tussock Leg Gaiters:

Huntech Tussock Gaiters

Anyone who hunts in New Zealand knows how important these are. The features in these might sound like marketing jargon, but they were chosen very carefully, and this (next to the pants) was probably the most thoroughly tested piece of kit.



The Huntech Expedition Range signifies a new chapter in Huntech's legacy of innovation. It is born out of a commitment to enhancing the quality and technicality of hunting apparel, and it aims to meet the growing demands for high-performing lightweight materials, premium natural fibres, and non-toxic waterproofing. We are excited to share our gear and Kiwi innovation not only with our fellow New Zealanders but also with the global market. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we strive to bring our exceptional hunting apparel to a wider audience.

Thank you for your time, and here's to many successful hunting adventures with the Huntech Expedition Range.

Let's make it happen, one hunt at a time.