Gamo Roadster IGT 10X Gen 2 with 4x32 Scope .177 & .22




The outstanding Gamo Roadster IGT 10X GEN2 has arrived, featuring for the first time a last generation Whisper Fusion sound moderator, Gamo’s Inert Gas Technology power plant, a new ergonomic synthetic thumbhole stock, and the new patent-pending 10x GEN 2 Technology. This new multi-shot system includes our state of the art horizontal magazine, making it lighter, 25% more compact and low profile with the inclusion of open sights, making it possible to shoot without scope.

Your Choice: with this new reloading system, the user can forget about using a scope, shooting with open sights if desired. Additionally, it lets the user set standard mounts, making it compatible with other Gamo scopes.

Improved compactness and lightness: 10X GEN2 Multishot system has been developed considering that a rifle must not only be powerful, but also handy, comfortable and ergonomic, so this new charger has been optimized to deliver more in less space.

Aesthetics and design: The new generation of Gamo carbines has been designed following the latest market trends, always maintaining an excellent compromise between usability, ergonomics and design.

INCLUDES:  4x32 Scope


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Gamo Roadster - 1st Impressions
I'm no expert in air rifles, though I have used a few, so my opinion is just a beginner's point of view.

I was looking for a .22 rifle with multiple shots. From the Gamo website the Roadster Gen 2 seemed the best choice but I was surprised to only find a couple of videos on Youtube. This means this model is really very recent. I was also hoping to get something manufactured in Europe, rather than Eastern Asia.

I spend quite a bit of money at the Christchurch Hunting & Fishing store, so I went there to see what they had in stock. There was just one Roadster, unpacked, as it had arrived, so the wise and experienced man in the gun area opened the box in front of me. Luckily, it was a .22.

The first impression was that the gun, despite its considerable size, is very light and easy to handle. I am a slightly above average size individual and it just seemed a perfect fit for me, if I am to shoot from a standing position, with no support.

The kind men at the shop mounted the scope which came as part of the deal and we soon figured out it has to go slightly back so you can fit the lens protective cover between the front of the scope and the rotary magazine housing. No drama.

I noticed there's no attachment for a sling, so you really have to carry this rifle as it is or put it in a bag (I was offered and I bought one half price). Also, there are little or no possibilities to attach any other accessories to the gun. But wait a minute! You don't really need anything, as it has an OK scope and an inbuilt noise suppressor anyway.

In total, I spent under NZ$700 for the rifle with scope, the well padded Hunting & Fishing carry bag and three different types of ammo. I though that was a good deal, but when I cam home and tried the gun in my backyard, I realised the deal was actually excellent.

I might be the first owner of a Gamo Roadster 10X IGT GEN2 5,5 mm Air Rifle in this town, and surely one of the first in New Zealand.

The magazine takes a bit to get used to, as loading is not straight forward and the quality of the ammo matters enormously. I tried some cheap (and nasty) flat head target slugs and their skirt was bending, they got jammed, no fun. I won't mention the brand here, but the tin is blue. They shot well yet their size is uneven and, after finishing the calibration of my scope, I am going to melt them all and make fishing sinkers out of them. Clearly, do not use cheap and flimsy slugs in this gun - not worth it. I shot 5 x 10 magazines until I managed to scope the rifle for short range and only 1 slug jammed, but this was after I selected the best I could find, rejecting many.

Buying extra magazines is a must, yet the .22 Gamo Gen 2 are not available in any local hunting shop, so I'll have to order them in.

Anyhow, I shot from a sited position, with the rifle rested. I could easily adjust the scope (which differs slightly from the advertised model) and the target was clear. From the very first shot I realised how quiet this gun is. Firing it close to your ear is like listening to a French waiter popping bottles of champagne ten tables away. The main noise comes when you hit the target, but I had mine pinned to a log of wood and it just didn't matter.

The recoil is also negligible. Surprising for an air rifle which can sink led slugs 1/2 inch into dry hard wood.

As for the precision, the Gamo Roadster seems fairly accurate and consistent. My backyard only allows me about 15 yards as a shooting range, so the groups had to be good. If you are a poor shot, you'll be poorer with this gun though, because it's a long rifle and it won't forgive your shaky hands. Relax, control your breath and gently release the trigger. It feels like nothing it happens until it does happen and the shot is away. Quite like a well-tuned sniper's gun. The trigger has two adjustments, but the default setting they managed in that Spanish factory is quite OK for me as it is.

The safety also works quite effectively, as it basically blocks the trigger and there's no doubt you can't fire by mistake. Just remember to use the safety when you are not ready to shoot, as this gun, despite its slug counter, might end up with a round in the chamber. And count your shots, don't rely on the magazine counter!

I shot this Gamo Roadster 10X IGT GEN2 5.5 mm Air Rifle today in cold winter weather, sitting in the shade with the target in full sun. I could not detect any deviation, the short-range power of this gun is impressive and I look forward to taking it further out afield for long range shooting and further tests with other (better) ammo.

Note that you have to be rather determined and fast when you push the piston to load the gun. Good exercise for your muscles. The inert gas piston requires a bit of effort, but it's the technique that matters, not the brute force.

I did not have the chance to install and use my chronograph today, as I was just looking for accuracy adjustments (easy to do on the Gamo scope I got). Yet I believe that the speed trap might show about 800 fps muzzle velocity, which is more than acceptable for a .22 air rifle which shoots more precisely than you can.

In conclusion, I had a lot of fun trying this newest Gamo Gen 2 smart rifle. I can't see how you could improve it by much. Please use good quality ammo and buy yourself a few spare mags. They are not cheap but will save you time.

In my humble opinion, this Roadster .22 is as close as a break barrel air rifle can get to a .22 similar fire arm in terms on comfort, power and precision. Enjoy! Review by Alex / (Posted on 20/09/2020)

Gamo Roadster IGT 10X Gen 2 with 4x32 Scope .177 & .22



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