Boretech Teflon Gun Oil 4oz

Boretech Teflon Gun Oil 4oz


Bore Tech's GUN OIL is a premium synthetic blend of high purity petroleum based oils, super fine Teflon® fluorocarbon particles, and enhanced rust and corrosion preventing additives design to offer high performance lubrication and metal conditioning under extreme conditions.

Gun Oil

  • Displaces Carbon, Moisture & Dirt
  • Decreases Friction & Wear
  • Provides Superior Lubrication & Corrosion Protection
  • Prevents Fouling Build-Up & Makes Cleaning Easier

Bore Tech's GUN OIL contains a high concentration of pure, sub-micron Dupont® Teflon ideal for treating and protecting metal surfaces. This refined blend offers a superior operating temperature range and will not burn off under extremely high temperatures or become sticky and gummy in the extreme cold.

The Bore Tech GUN OIL can be applied to cleaned metal parts to seal pores with a long lasting coating of Teflon. The enhanced fluoropolymers in GUN OIL penetrate and bond deep within the metal's surface preventing carbon, copper and lead fouling buildup. This makes cleaning easier and faster.

Combined with unparalleled corrosion and rust preventatives that effectively displace moisture, GUN OIL is perfect for any climate of situation.

Bore Tech's GUN OIL is the right choice for barrels, trigger assemblies, actions, bolts, pistol slides, and any other moving metal parts subjected to extreme elements.


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Brand Boretech

Boretech Teflon Gun Oil 4oz

Boretech Teflon Gun Oil 4oz
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