Swamp Comp 2019


What is the Swamp Comp?


It’s the event where hunter/conservationists trap ferrets, stoats and weasels, freeze the tails then bring them in for counting in November each year. Each tail equals a chance in the prize draws. The competition is running again in 2019 so keep trapping and collecting those tails.  

Why Trap Wetland Predators?


We get that our endemic species evolved without the impact of predators, and that 'Predator free NZ by 2050' is the ultimate vision to protect them.  What's changed is that we now need to give mallards a helping hand when they are nesting and raising broods to ensure there's a harvestable population for the next hunting season.  In New Zealand habitat degradation makes nests easier for predators to find, and of course predators here have a safe life and without our intervention could expect to die of old age.

Fish & Game's research suggests predator control could be a game changer. Alongside predator control it is believed that enhancing the breeding habitat for mallards by fencing off nesting areas, planting up dam corners or farm ponds creates nesting and brood rearing cover which provides beneficial protection for nesting mallards. 


Swamp Comp details as below:

COST:  Entry is FREE! 
WHAT: Target stoats, ferrets or weasels. (Wild cats, rats, hedgehogs and possums killed are a bonus to the environment, but sorry, they can't be entered). 
DRAWS: Each tail = A 'ticket' in the prize draw.  Draws are conducted after event closes in December. Prizes drawn in value sequence starting with the most expensive, one prize per entrant. 
WHERE: Wetland habitat where possible, but predators range over vast areas so any dead one is a good one no matter where it was trapped. 
WHEN: Year-round but predator numbers build around wetlands through the nesting season. 
WHO:  The Swamp Comp is open to anyone. Need Trapping Advice - Check out www.bbem.co.nz - John Bissell. 
HOW: Remove ferret/stoat/weasel tails while they're fresh-keep tails in your freezer - Bring tails in for counting at your Hunting & Fishing New Zealand store in November (ONLY). 
PAPERWORK: Nothing to do before you bring tails in. But complete the in-store entry-form clearly and completely when your tails are counted-if we can't read it or contact you, we're forced to re-draw your prize. 
DISPUTES:  Judges decision is final - some conditions may apply.


Click here to view the Swamp Comp 2019 Prize List





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