Sako 100 Carbon Stainless Cerakote Elite

A BARREL MOUNTED SCOPE FOR OUT-OF-THE-CASE ACCURACY Unlike many other hunting rifles, the Sako 100 is ready for action straight out-of-the-case, delivering unparalleled accuracy appreciated by a travelling hunter.  Read More

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Product Details

Sako 100’s barrel mounted scope means there’s no need for lengthy or inconvenient re-zeroing on the range, so you can change barrels on the go – making Sako 100 the rifle of choice for hunters that prioritize freedom and adaptability in all conditions. Once zeroed, no re-zeroing is needed upon caliber change.


Designed for maximum usability and reduced weight, the sturdy Sako 100 Explorer Carbon emphasises the modern aesthetics. 360-degree weaved carbon used in RTM-manufacturing results in extremely dimensionally accurate stock that has unparalleled torsional rigidity in every direction. In addition, the soft-grip surfaces offer the best grip in all weather conditions and world class resistance against chemical agents.


Manual cocking or “handspannung” is the default safety option of Sako 100. It lets you keep the rifle uncocked until you’re ready to shoot – the rifle is cocked only when the manual cocking button is pushed. When the rifle is cocked and ready to fire, you can safely decock the rifle and bring down the firing spring tension by applying the small release latch located on the top edge of the larger cocking button. You can open the bolt securely when the safety is on by pressing the bolt release button on the side of the bolt shroud and opening the bolt. Now you can safely remove a cartridge from the chamber. Safety will remain on until you have closed the bolt and re-cocked the rifle.


A robust rifle bedding is essential for maintaining accuracy and consistency between shots. The Sako 100 has a state of the art aluminium V-bedding that has been designed to be in contact with the full length of the receiver. This creates a solid foundation and results in a truly well-balanced, reliable and accurate rifle for all hunting conditions.


Sako 100’s trigger can be adjusted on a 6 step system, with weight of pull ranging from 750g to 1750g. The wide range means you can find the weight that works for you, and readjustment can be done without any disassembly. For the most optimal trigger ergonomics the trigger can also be moved forwards and backwards with a movement range of 7mm. The factory setting is in the middle.


Sako 100 is easy and intuitive to use – and that includes barrel change.

1. Take the bolt off.

2. Unscrew the barrel using the torque wrench

3. Change the barrel and fix it into its place.

4. Lightly tighten the screws.

5. Slide the bolt back in place and close the bolt.

6. Tighten the screws to 7 Nm with the torque wrench.

The torque wrench used to change the barrel comes as an accessory with the rifle. In the wild (or when the torque wrench is out of reach), you can also use the handy tool located in the compartment of the stock to make sure the screws are tightened. The same tool can also be used to detach the scope and rear-stock and adjust trigger position, enabling field maintenance.

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