Spypoint Flex-S Solar Cellular Trial Camera

The SPYPOINT FLEX-S Solar Cellular Battery Camera delivers the same performance and flexibility as the original FLEX, with the added benefit of an integrated solar panel charging an internal lithium battery to keep your camera working longer than you ever imagined. Scout confidently knowing the sun shining on your FLEX-S is keeping the battery charged and the camera taking pictures. Read More
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Product Details


The FLEX-S is equipped with an onboard lithium battery constantly being charged by the integrated solar panel on the top of the camera. Want to be sure your camera will keep working? The internal battery can be used alongside the eight-AA battery tray, or the LIT-22 lithium battery installed as well, extending battery life even further. A cellular camera you don’t even have to visit frequently to manage batteries. Every hunter’s dream!  


When instant mode is used, you can press the instant button on the camera’s dashboard on the status page. A signal is sent to the camera to take a photo or video then the camera sends the photo or video preview as soon as it is taken. Once the video preview is received you can request the full-HD video if you want to see the entire thing. Get a look at what you’re missing while you’re at work or home, and stay connected to your passion all day, every day.  


The SPYPOINT FLEX-S captures and transmits 36MP photos and 1080p videos with sound to the SPYPOINT app so you don’t miss a thing. The responsive trigger automatically configures the camera’s settings to the exact conditions at the time of the photo to deliver the very best quality, every time. Additionally, the SPYPOINT FLEX-S can take photos even while the camera is transmitting previous photos, ensuring you never miss that big buck! 


The FLEX works on all major cellular networks and will automatically connect to the one with the best coverage in the area thanks to the dual-sim configuration of the camera. No more worrying about carrier models or coverage maps. The antenna has been designed to optimize the available cellular signal to deliver exceptional connectivity virtually anywhere you place your camera.


Getting the SPYPOINT FLEX-S set up is easy and intuitive, while on-camera buttons allow you to format the microSD card and take a test photo. You can leave the field confident in your trail camera’s positioning, framing and network connectivity, and keep it running at peak performance by managing settings and updating your firmware from your home. 


GPS enabled to maximize the functionality and accuracy of the customizable maps feature of the SPYPOINT app. The FLEX-S offers four capture modes: Photo, Video, Time-Lapse, and Time-Lapse+. The Time-Lapse+ function takes photos at your preferred interval and when the camera’s detection sensor is triggered. 

  • FLASH RANGE: 100’
  • VIDEO: 1080p with sound
  • NETWORK:  Multi-network LTE - preloaded with two preactivated SIM cards to ensure cross-carrier coverage

  • POWER:  Internal rechargeable lithium battery  and integrated solar panel 

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