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Making New Waves!


As one of the Hunting & Fishing NZ's passionate diving enthusiasts I’m pleased to introduce one of New Zealand’s latest spearfishing and diving brands: Divetech. It’s a great opportunity to be able to give some product insights. 

Divetech's brand motto is: "Calm. Present. Focused." which perfectly captures the mental state required for peak performance when diving and spearfishing, and is a brand that seeks to provide practical, solid, and reliable gear for divers and spearfishermen. Launched in 2022 as the brother-brand to Huntech, Divetech was developed in New Zealand with feedback from local spearfishers and divers, and Hunting & Fishing NZ’s own Dive Committee in order to ensure the range offering is ideally suited to match your expectations. 


Because of New Zealand’s remoteness from the rest of the world, it’s always a challenge to match affordability and quality, but Divetech has worked hard to keep this balance. Part of the ability to blend affordability and quality comes from the fact that Divetech is owned by Global Velocity Group, which is a Hamilton-based manufacturing company that owns several brands, and which has its own manufacturing facilities overseas, meaning they know first-hand how to make premium gear priced for the NZ market. 

Personally, the water has always been a natural teacher, and I feel the best way to build respect for nature is to get into it! The current Divetech line-up ticks all the core boxes, including wetsuits, hoods, boots, masks, snorkels, socks, fins, spearguns, and accessories, but I wanted to highlight two Divetech products in particular that we felt ticked the ‘practicality box’ perfectly: 

 Divetech Turbo EDF Fin, Optrix Mask, and Drop-away Snorkel Set 


Priced at only $149.99, I like the compact lightweight style of this fin which still boasts good strength to provide easy propulsion. I believe this is a well-priced, versatile set that will get you started in your water-based adventure. You can buy these items on their own, but we liked how competitive the set price is for what you’re getting. Optrix prescription lenses can be fitted to the mask, which is a massive bonus to those who need improved underwater vision! 

Divetech Classic Boot


Secondly, the Divetech Classic boot is a stand-out priced at only $59.99, coming in a wide range from size 4 to 15 means there’s a boot available for 99% of people out there. I really like this economical 5mm neoprene dive boot and its little extras (like a rubberized extra-thick sole and ankle zip). 

Water has always been a love of mine whether it is in a pool, freshwater, or the sea. I find it relaxing, and diving in particular has enabled me to enjoy another world. I have been fortunate enough to have experienced all the South Westland Fiords – to have dived and fished the Foveaux Strait, and to have explored much of Stewart Island with a little snorkelling in the tropics too! I have even experienced the odd shark encounter – big and small, both in the Fiords and around Stewart Island and yes, I am still keen to jump into the big blue ocean. 

My advice to those thinking of opening up this new world of adventure is to pop into your local Hunting and Fishing NZ store and check out the value in the wide Divetech range.  I’m certainly one who’d encourage you to get out there, enjoy the water, and importantly with the appropriate gear to help you stay safe.