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Hunting & Fishing Women's & Men's Merino Thermals

The Hunting & Fishing Merino blend thermals will be the go-to for warmth, layering and durability this spring. 
Merino is the ultimate natural yarn with many properties that cannot be replicated by using 100% synthetic fibers.   


Merino wicks moisture from the body, leaving the skin dry and comfortable. It is considered an intelligent yarn that has climate control which cools when the temperature rises and warms the body in extreme cold weather conditions. 


Merino also has natural antibacterial properties that resist retaining any odour, staying fresh for longer.  

Hyper Allergenic & Soft 

The yarn is hyper allergenic with longer fibers that when spun are less itchy, so perfect for wearers who suffer from allergy’s like eczema and other skin conditions. 


Merino is one of nature’s Miracle fibers and considered the ultimate sustainable yarn – with no added chemicals it relies on all its natural properties for ultimate performance.   
Blending our Merino with polyester provides you with a longer lasting more durable product.  This 50% Merino 50% polyester blend makes our thermals soft, lightweight, breathable and durable extending the life of the garment. The polyester helps the thermals retain their shape and they wont shrink or stretch too much unlike 100% Merino.  

By purchasing our merino thermals you are making the perfect choice for spring layering and staying cozy and comfortable all season.