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It's All in The Motion!


Another waterfowl season is drawing near and I’m not sure about you, but I’m always excited to see the new range of motion decoys available to us. Opening weekend in my region is usually a great weekend to plan a BBQ as it’s dawned fine and clear with very little wind more often than not. So movement within your decoy spread is paramount for success, being able to replicate a content group of ducks, feeding, preening and splashing about goes a long way towards that natural look wary mallards are seeking. It could make the difference of them being in or out of range and presenting a shot. 
This year’s selection of Avery GHG Finisher Series motion decoys will go along way towards providing success this season. The Spitter is available in both a Mallard Drake and a Canada Goose. This is a butt-up feeder style decoy powered with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a bilge pump sprays water directly onto the rear of the decoy in turn producing a feeding, rocking motion with plenty of splash. An extension tube on the pump exhaust can be removed to produce less splash on smaller ponds if desired. The pulse from the pump is intermittent so it produces an irregular wake and a natural look. The Canada Goose Spitter will make a highly visual confidence decoy on bigger ponds and waterways with its added size moving more water while rocking. 


The Swimmer Mallard Drake is a full-sized decoy with a bilge pump attached. The pump, as with the spitter decoys, is a 750GPH pump and man does it move water! This decoy is propelled around your waterway leaving a noticeable ripple and moves otherwise stationary decoys in close proximity.


The motion isn’t constant and this decoy changes direction between its timed pulses. As we’ve come to expect from Avery, the paint detail on these deeks is ultra realistic and the fact that all three models mentioned are foam filled adds to their weight and therefore the volume of water they move.


Foam filled increases the durability, taking knocks and perhaps the odd stray pellet and they will still float.  All the while producing the desired movement and hopefully imparting on the targeted waterfowl the confidence that “all is well”. Expected battery runtime on all three models is 7 hours, plenty of time, that with you doing your part, it’ll go a long way towards topping up the freezer. Hot Barrels.