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Tatonka’s connection and understanding of New Zealand backcountry hunting is unrivaled, being a clear favourite among Kiwi hunters for many years. I was excited to try their new Modulus system, being designed and extensively tested in extreme New Zealand conditions, tweaked and fine-tuned in the bush by avid kiwi hunters and adventurers.  

Like all great ideas, the Modulus is a simple concept, beautifully executed. Start with a base and build your own adventure.  


The versatility of the Modulus starts with the pack frame, which is sold separately, and is based on the X1 carrying system for heavy loads. This is infact the same frame as the Bison pack with a bare weight of just 2.8kgs. The Modulus system includes the option of three packs, or Sac’s - a 75+10L weighing 1.4kg, 55+10L weighing 1.3kg, and a 30L weighing 1kg.   

The interchangeability of the system really appeals, allowing you to change the pack size to suit the expedition planned. But what makes it really stand out are the load expansion qualities of the frame itself. 

The Modulus X1 frame has a fold-out meat shelf allowing you to carry awkward heavy loads close to your back against the frame, perfect for packing out animals or pack rafts. It also allows you to strap your pack sac on the back of the load and strap your rifle barrel up or barrel down in the centre of the frame with or without the load and pack sac. 
Clearly the Modulus is very well constructed, the X1 frame fits snug and is easy to adjust as well as being comfortable to carry. 

Packed with Quality!


I was supplied with the 75+10L and the 30L Sac’s to review.


The 75+10L Sac is based on the Takonka Bison pack. I think it is an ideal size for most multi-day missions. It has a drawcord top with a flap, internal and external pockets, a bottom opening zip with a compartment you can separate from the main pack, as well as having a large 3D zip to allow access to the whole centre of the pack.


This is really helpful to quickly locate items and works great if they are in smaller dry bags to identify what you are after. This pack also has a central zipped external pocket and side water bottle style pockets that can also be used when strapping stuff to the sides of your pack. 


The Modulus 30 Sac has a large double opening zip and internal and external pockets at the top as well as twin ice axe loops. It also has a blaze orange clip-on patch.

This is a good size day pack, especially with the versatility of the expanding meat shelf on the frame to carry out your catch.   It can also be rolled up and stored in the 75+10L pack. Both sacs are hydration bladder compatible with an internal pouch to hold the bladder.


The built-in Recco advanced rescue reflector system is excellent as rescue personnel can detect location using their Recco sensors in an emergency. 

When I first clipped a sac onto the frame it looked a little daunting with all the straps, but as you clip in the metal C clips and start to pull it all together you see it is very intuitive and well thought out.  

I think the Tatonka Modulus system is a great addition to our load expandable pack options, so pop down to your local Hunting & Fishing New Zealand to evaluate it in-store and have one fitted ahead of your next adventure!